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phd programmes and phd vacancies

Department of Business and Management  at Aalborg University (AAU) has two PhD programmes which are governed by AAU's Doctoral School of Social Sciences. Read more about the PhD programmes and PhD vacancies below.

At Department of Business and Management we emphasize quality within the areas of research and education, problem-based learning (PBL), participation in the department’s research groups, cooperation with colleagues, internationalisation and dissemination of research.

Our PhD programmes:

The research programmes in innovation and business economics include: organisation and strategy, financial management and accounting, auditing, international business economics and marketing, innovation and creativity, entrepreneurship and business models, macroeconomics, impact analysis and health economics.

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PhD programmes


PhD coordinator

Christian Richter Østergaard, PhD Coordinator





Professor Christian R. Østergaard
Phone:+45 9940 8266
E-mail: cro@business.aau.dk

PhD Secretary

Dorte Baymler, PhD Secretary

Dorte Baymler
Phone: (+45) 9940 8235
E-mail: db@business.aau.dk