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For The Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC)

Aalborg University Business School

Dear Committee member,

We have made this site to provide you with easy access to policies, procedures and other documents referred to in the Eligibility Application. Each section of the Eligibility Application is listed below (except for criterion D, which does not include references to published documents) and when clicking on it, a list of links to the documentation referred to in the specific section will unfold. Links to the individual documents have furthermore been embedded in the text body of the application. Accompanying documentation have been uploaded in the respective sections of the Eligibility Application project as requested in the AACSB guidelines.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our Accreditation Officer.

We look forward to receiving your decision and wish you a pleasant time reviewing our Eligibility Application.   

Kind regards,

Aalborg University Business School


Head of Business School

Mette Vinther Larsen
Phone: (+45) 9940 8253
Email: mvl@business.aau.dk