The Fifth Nordic Post-Keynesian Conference

Aalborg University, 27TH - 29th April 2022

Conference theme

Economics at the Edge: Understanding and Rebuilding the world after COVID


Recent Updates

  • Preparations for the April 2022 conference are now underway - and the list of keynote speakers is available via the Keynote Speakers link in the navigation box to the right.

  • Covid-19 situation: As of now, we have made arrangements to hold the conference physically. All participants are encouraged to have corona vaccination pass, as per the EU COVID-19 Vaccine Passport guidelines. In case the situation changes, and a lock-down is enforced in the future, we will hold an online conference.

  • We are very pleased to announce the addition of a guided tour through the old city of Aalborg on Wednesday 17th April 17:30 (Starting at Folkekirkens Hus) With Hanne Dahl, priest at Budolfi Cathedral. Søren Wormslev, Journalist, Chairman of Aalborg Convent and pastor.

  • Welcom drinks will follow the guided tour at the main auditorium of CREATE. See the travel and locations page for address details.

  • New guest lecture by Prof Louis-Philippe Rochon on how to get published in academic journals at the PhD seminar.




About the conference

The list of challenges facing our economies seems to be growing all the time. While many countries had not fully recovered from the "Great Recession", the COVID-19 pandemic has hit our societies hard, against the backdrop of rising inequality and the climate challenge.

While the magnitude of the health and economic shock of COVID-19 has been amplified by the underfunding of systems over the past decades, it is concerning that voices are beginning to call for a return to austerity policies, when we should instead be investing in the ecological transition and other social cohesion and resilience policies. Despite its media and academic dominance, mainstream economics does not offer adequate tools to address real problems or formulate coherent policy proposals.  To develop theories and policies that are relevant to the real world, we need to use theories other than the mainstream view. As such, post-Keynesian theory is a prime candidate to offer an alternative.

The avenues of research to be developed are both qualitative and quantitative, including issues of conceptualization, methodology, modeling, as well as empirically calibrated economic policy formulation. In particular, there is an urgent need to pursue research in the Stock-Flow Consistent (SFC) tradition and to promote the benefits of pluralism, cross-cutting and problem-based learning in economics education. Finally, particular emphasis should be placed on the inclusion of ecological and societal issues in formulations of economic theory and policy.

The 2022 conference continues and expands the themes initiated during the 2017 conference. 


This conference has been made possible thanks to the generous contributions of:


Carlsbergfondet (The Carlsberg Foundation)


Danmarks Nationabank (The Danish Central Bank)





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