The Fifth Nordic Post-Keynesian Conference

Aalborg University, 22nd - 24th April 2021


Conference theme

The conference theme for 5th Nordic Post Keynesian Conference will remain,

  • Economics at the edge II

Recent Updates

  • The new dates for the conference events will be announced once there is a specific date arranged.

  • To stay true to presenting Economics at the Edge, no abstracts will not be retained from the 2019 submissions, and new round of abstract sumissions will be launched for the new conference.

  • We will be arranging a series of webinars in the Spring to aid in the dissemination of recent research developments.

  • The current global disruption is yet another reason for us to share the knowledge we develop. We wish you all the best of health, and that you are able to overcome the challenges created by the COVID-19 outbreak.

About the conference

As traditional economics in the past failed to predict the ‘The Great Recession’, various efforts have been made to revise the content of the modern macroeconomic mainstream. Notwithstanding these attempts, traditional theory is not yet able to provide adequate analysis of current economic problems nor to provide conclusive policy proposals.

To develop policy we need to explore further, and to use theories that are more realistic in their content than the conventional mainstream understanding. As such, Post-Keynesian theory might be a prime candidate to offer an alternative, being on the edge of traditional theory. The theme at the conference in 2020 should thus be seen as an extension of the theme of the 2017 conference.

An urgent need remains to conduct further research within the tradition of the Stock-Flow Consistent (SFC) modelling, and to advocate the advantages of a focus on pluralism and problem-based learning when teaching economics.

The conference in Aalborg provides this focus on theoretical alternatives and new ideas for economic policy, SFC and other new approaches to modelling, pluralism in economics teaching and other methodological issues – where we fully intend to explore them right up to the cutting edge.




Research Secretary Jeanette Hvarregaard 
Fibigerstræde 11
9220 Aalborg
Phone: +45 9940 8265