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About Macroeconomic Methodology, Theory and Economic Policy

The context of modern economies is one of globalisation and increasing interdependencies between countries. Although the vision of the efficient market is eminently present in microeconomics as well as in macroeconomics.

Recent experience following the international financial turbulence from especially 2008 and onwards, together with the tendencies in many countries to be stuck in a recession for a rather long period, have taught economists to be aware of the complexities of the processes of adjustment in a modern monetary macroeconomic system.

If the macroeconomic outcome, generally, is not one of perfection economic policy proposals might have a vital role to play in insuring a high level of employment, but to conduct economic policy in a better way policy proposals have to be embedded in a theoretical context. However, what is the relevant theoretical context and with which methodological guidelines should theory correspond?

As such, the MaMTEP research group do research covering various aspects of macroeconomics both of a theoretical, economic policy wise as well as of a more methodological kind.

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