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Sustainability Lab

Aalborg University Business School.

We strive to get the most out of environmental, social, and governance initiatives to ensure sustainability for firms that balance between strategies, societal requirements, and planetary limits. Our initiatives focus on research-based strategy and policy formulation in collaboration with national and global stakeholders to ensure sustainable industrial growth.


Global Researchers

Visiting Professorships

Sustainability Lab welcomes senior academics (normally professor or Associate Professors or the equivalent) from other universities as short-term Visiting Professors. Visiting Professorships are ideally suited to senior professors on sabbatical leave/short leave from their permanent positions who intend to conduct research at AAUBS Sustainability Lab on a focal theme.

We offer temporary visiting professorship title with office space and stationery plus IT facilities, which are normally non-stipendiary unless otherwise it is part of the grant or project.

Visiting Fellows and Visiting PhDs