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Strategic Management Lab

Aalborg University Business School


The Strategic Management Lab (SML) at Aalborg University Business School is dedicated to developing theory and practice in the field of strategic management. The mission of SML is to disseminate the importance of strategy work including strategic analysis, strategy formulation, and the implementation of strategy through research and teaching at a high international level.

What we do (for you)

Our objective is to contribute to improving the quality of strategy work in private and public organizations. The research lab activities are built on recent research results and include action research, data gathering, documentation of findings from our collaborators, teaching and dissemination as well as actively engaging ourselves in the life and development of the business school. We interact with a broad array of organizations, companies, managers, decision-makers, consultants, students, as well as academics at and outside of Aalborg University.

The term “Lab” is not chosen at random. The Strategic Management Lab is both the playground of scientists and a place where research and dissemination are taken very seriously. Therefore, a “Lab” is a great metaphor for what we do. In the Lab, senior researchers, younger researchers, students, and partners of the business school engage in shared experiments, activities, and dialogue to create value together.

Our work includes:

  • Workshops, seminars, courses, podcasts, etc. on strategic management
  • Strategy reports for companies, organizations, regions, and countries
  • Papers, book series, etc. on relevant contemporary issues of strategic management.

The Strategy Barometer

The Strategy Barometer is Strategic Management Lab’s main project. The Strategy Barometer examines Danish organizations’ strategy work within different aspects such as leadership, strategy execution, innovation, etc. The last reports include more than 2.000 top managers, middle managers, and employees’ views on the strategic situation in their organization.

Read the latest report on the Danish organization’s strategy work here (only available in Danish): https://vbn.aau.dk/da/publications/strategibarometer-2022-strategiarbejde-i-danske-organisationer

Power to X project

Power to X is a part of the solution to the world’s climate crisis. Strategic Management Lab is currently working with Hydrogen Valley to create an understanding of the strategic choices that many companies are facing in the transition to Power to X. If this is relevant to your organization, then do not hesitate to contact Strategic Management Lab.

Guidelines to create strategy for Power-to-X projects (PDF)

Forskningens Døgn

During spring 2022 Strategic Management Lab has been attending Forskningens Døgn, where organizations have been able to book a researcher for a presentation about our work. Strategic Management Lab has been presenting our current research about strategy work for Danish public and private organizations.