Impact Analyses of Knowledge and Technology Change.

Aalborg University Business School's IMPAKT Research Lab aims to engage with policy and business communities through carrying out research and user-oriented analyses that can:

  • generate new knowledge, which can inform policy decisions or inspire behavioural changes in public as well as private organisations; and
  • provide knowledge on the effect and wider societal impacts of policies and behavioural changes.

The last point includes evaluations and broader impact assessments of the effects of specific policy initiatives and investments in education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in learning more about cooperating with IMPAKT, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The organisations that IMPAKT researchers have cooperated with include:

  • North Denmark Region
  • Aalborg Municipality
  • Wind Denmark
  • Port of Aalborg
  • Erhverv Norddanmark - Chamber of Commerce
  • The Municipality of Sermersooq, Greenland
  • The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority
  • Danske Fragtmænd Transport
  • FREJA Transport and Logistics
  • Aalborg Utilities

In addition to collaborating with external partners, we also carry out other types of externally funded research, where the Norwegian Research Council, the Danish Industry Foundation, EU Horizon 2020, Innovation Fund Denmark, and Nordic Innovation are among the funding bodies.


Associate Professor

Ina Drejer
Phone: +45 9940 2744