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AI Growth Lab

Aalborg University Business School

The AI Growth Lab (AI:GL) at Aalborg University Business School bridges business understanding and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology expertise to support value creation through sustainable and ethical usage of Machine Learning (ML) and AI technologies. The lab is a space dedicated to projects focusing on business value creation from data-driven applications such as data-driven decision making, ML, and AI systems.

Strategic platform bridging business and technology at AAU

Today, many Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects do not reach their full potential because there is too much focus on technological implementation and too little on business and organizational anchoring. Successful data-driven projects require, however, first and foremost, a robust managerial foundation and delineation of a business case – thoroughly informed by technological opportunities.

The AI Growth Lab is the first touchpoint for organisations on their data-driven growth journey. Researchers at the laboratory have years of experience within applied data science and ML as well as close ties to world-class specialists in computer science, data engineering, and artificial intelligence. Data-driven technologies enable new business models but are also changing the way we work, challenging the organisation to adapt.

Being located at Aalborg University Business School, the lab puts value creation before technology while always keeping a holistic perspective to ensure that developed solutions consider all potential implications for the organisation on both strategic and operational levels.

As an associated lab, AI:GL is closely linked to “AI for the People”, AAUs AI Center https://ai.aau.dk/

Project hosting

From 2021 the lab will be the locus of AI Denmark (AI:DK) at AAU - a national flagship project driving value creation in Danish SMEs through AI and ML. This will happen in collaboration with AI and ML milieus at AAU, companies in the growing Danish ML and AI ecosystem as well as the project partners (Teknologisk Institut, Alexandra Instituttet, DTU, KU, ITU).

AI:GL will become a platform at AAUBS and SAMF for interdisciplinary projects bridging business, technology, and society.

Research focus

The research focus of the lab will be on technology management and strategy, specifically ML and AI technology. The lab will analyze and develop best-practices for data-driven decision-making in business, the integration of ML and AI technologies in company processes and business models, as well as the application of ML & AI-related techniques in business and social science research.

Education/employability focus

The engagement with applied ML and AI will create opportunities for students at the SDS specialization as well as other data science-related education programmes including master level modules in technology literacy and digitalization in organisations.

Embedding into regional and national ecosystems and communities

AI:GL will be linked to the national ecosystem and ongoing key projects such as Digital Lead and the EU Digital Hubs, The Digital Research Centre Denmark (DIREC), and the Pioneer Centre for AI research.

AI:GL will also connect to the local technology and business community.