Doctoral studies

IBC provides a high quality inter-sectorial and inter-disciplinary research platform for the training of a new generation of entrepreneurial and creative doctoral researchers.

This platform is supported by our belief that a doctoral researcher's destination is as equal as his or her journey. 

We encourage and support our doctoral researchers to develop their intelectual autonomy and to discover own voice.

IBC staff has rich international experience in successfully supervising and training doctoral researchers who pursue scientific doctorate, industrial doctorate or doctorate of business administration. 

Doctoral studies may be pursued within the scope of the following IBC key reserach domains and research areas:

Key research domains

  • International business management and strategy

  • International marketing management and strategy
  • International entrepreneurship management and strategy

Key research areas

  • Emerging economies and multinational firms
  • Institutional approach to international business
  • Resources and capabilities of international firms
  • Small and medium firms internationalization
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • De-internationalization and firm survival

Please visit our Social Science Faculty Doctoral School for detailed information abou the doctoral education.

You may learn about the vacant PhD positions advertised on AAU's website.

In addition to the traditional route, a thesis may be accepted for assessment by an assessment committee, without the author having completed the PhD programme; learn more about this opportunity here.

We welcome both young graduates and senior professionals to contact Prof Marin A. Marinov to discuss doctoral research opportunities.