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Student Advisory Board

Aalborg University Business School

At the full time studies at Aalborg University Business School we know we are in the middle of an extremely exciting transition, where every decision we make now will leave significant imprints on what taking an education revolves around. In this process, we are humble, because these changes involve our most valuable asset – our students.

For us it is obvious and natural that we invite the students into the discussions to help qualify the decisions we make regarding the interplay between online and campus activities, PBL, our academic and social well-being.

From the Spring 2021 semester we have established a Student Advisory Board that consist of at least one student per cohort. Twice every semester the students will meet with the respective Head of Study Board, the students on our study boards and the Head of Full Time Studies for a two hour seminar to discuss the short- and long-term decisions regarding their specific programme.


Head of Study Board - Economics

Mogens Ove Madsen
Phone: +45 9940 8177
Email: mom@business.aau.dk

Head of Study Board - Economics and Business Administration

Kristian Nielsen
Phone: +45 9940 8334
Email: kn@business.aau.dk