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Danish Language Course

Aalborg University Business School

Aalborg University Business School in collaboration with VUC Nord, offers Danish language classes for international students. Teaching takes place on campus, Aalborg Øst.

Classes will be scheduled twice a week, at 16:00-18:15. In addition, there will be self-study online. The course is divided into five modules, with a test in the end - Prøve i Dansk 3 (level B2). Subsequently, you can continue on to module 6, and pass an exam for C1 level.

5 modules in 2 years

Module 1 starts in the end of September/beginning of October, depending on the student enrollments. In such a way, it is possible to complete the first five modules within two years and go to PD3 exam in May. This is an average scenario; some will be ready for the test earlier, while others will need more time.


To start the course, you need to pay a deposit of 2000 DKK.

The deposit will be refunded once you have passed a module. If you wish to continue on to the next module, the deposit will be transferred to this module. You lose the deposit only if you drop out in the middle of a module.

How to sign-up

To sign up, please follow the link: https://www.hfvucnord.dk/danish-courses/aau/ 


Programme coordinator

Dan Sommersøe, VUC 
Phone: +45 99 300 329
Email: dan@hfvucnord.dk