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Student guidance at Department of Business & Management

Oecon student guidance

The student counselor, themselves being Economics students, advise and assist current and future students in matters directly related to the study, for example, choice of educational direction, the choice of specialization, interpretation of the rules in the curriculum, leave, changing study, study abroad, exam complaints etc.

Phone: +45 9940 8029
Email: oecon-studievejl@business.aau.dk

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Student Guidance for HA and cand.merc

The counselors are ready to help you. You are always welcome to come by our office or contact us by phone during office hours. If the hours do not fit you, are you always welcome to contact us by mail.

Phone: +45 9940 8029 (only open in office hours)
Email: ha-studievejl@business.aau.dk

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EBA Student Guidance

As a student at one of our programmes you might need guidance on many different things. Should you have a question please feel free to stop by our office.

Phone: +45 9940 8033 
Email: eba-counseling@business.aau.dk

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General Student Guidance

Phone: +45 9940 9440

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