Cooperation with AAUBS researchers

Cooperation with researchers at Aalborg University Business School

AAUBS researchers work within the disciplines of economics, business and management, and are organized in research groups focusing on:

Whereas the research groups are the centres of research at AAUBS, we have also established a range of Labs, which are centred on themes that typically cut across different disciplines, and are specifically oriented towards external cooperation. These Labs are:

Options for cooperating with AAUBS researchers

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    Commissioned Research

    Commissioned research is research-based consultancy, where you as the external partner is the client. This means that the rights and title to the project results are assigned to you as the client, and you are free to use these results for commercial purposes (subject to the limitations set forth by mandatory law).

    AAUBS reserves the right to use the project results for academic purposes, including for educational purposes, while of course respecting confidentiality obligations towards you as the client.

    The price determination of research-based consultancy services reflects that distortion of competition in relation to public or private competitors must be avoided.

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    Joint Research Project

    Whether you are a private company, a public sector organization, a NGO, or an industry association, you have the opportunity to enter into a research cooperation with AAUBS. The purpose can either be to explore areas of utilization of existing knowledge or to develop completely new knowledge.

    A cooperative research project is a chance for you to cooperate closely with AAUBS researchers in taking a scientific approach to issues facing your organization and generate new learning opportunities.

    The contents of a cooperative research project with AAUBS will be jointly shaped by you and AAUBS researchers, which means that it provides both for your needs and for the needs of AAUBS.

    A cooperative research project can involve any number of researchers, so budgets can range from almost nothing to several millions, and can be realized with different kinds of funding sources (i.e. either jointly financed or supplemented with external funding from various grant programmes).

    Applying for an industrial PhD student or co-funding a PhD student, who is assigned to work on a project that contributes to develop your organisation while being enrolled at and supervised by a researcher from AAUBS, is a particular type of research cooperation.

    > Read more about Innovation Fund Denmark’s support scheme for industrial PhDs in the public as well as private sector

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