Alumni at AAUBS

Aalborg University Business School (AAUBS) is proud to stay in touch, engage and collaborate with alumni, companies and organisations who share our vision and strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the local business community and support the tradition of close collaboration between the university and industry.

Aalborg University Business School

Alumni in figures

On average, every year, about 350 graduate and 350 undergraduate students complete their education at Aalborg University Business School. Most of the students finish their education within the expected study period, with no delays.

The programmes taught in English attract a high number of international students. 21% of AAU Business School students have foreign background. Most of the international students come from Asia (8%) and Eastern Europe (6%).

Our study programmes also demonstrate a good gender balance. On average, there are 40% female and 60% male students at both, Master’s and Bachelor’s degree level.

According to our data, it takes under half a year for the majority of our graduates to find their first job. The numbers vary depending on the study programme. The average level of employment for Master’s programmes graduates is 65% after the first 6 months. The highest employment rates are demonstrated by M.Sc. in Business Economics and Auditing graduates – about 80% have a job within the first half a year after graduation.

About half of our graduates find their first job in the North Denmark Region, 16% move to the Capital area and a whole 17% find their first job outside Denmark – mostly in Europe and Nordic countries (Alumni surveys data).

Some of our graduates engage in entrepreneurial activities. According to UddannelsesZOOM's data, about 6% of our former students start their own business after graduating. 


Alumni coordinator

Valeria Gulieva
Phone: +45 9940 2756
Email: vgl@business.aau.dk