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Aalborg University Business School

As part of Aalborg University's quality assurance work, the students at Aalborg University Business School evaluate all teaching in the study programmes. The students also evaluate the semesters and the study programmes as a whole.

Systematic evaluations of teaching, semesters and study programmes are a crucial parameter to ensure the students' influence on and input to the development of quality in their study programmes. Also, the evaluations, together with other data, constitute important management information.

The evaluation results are disseminated to and processed by the business school management, study boards, teachers and other relevant parties, and they are published on this website.

Aalborg University evaluates the students' experience of the study environment (view the surveys (in Danish)) as well as the connection between the completed study programme and the graduates' experiences in the labor market (view the surveys (in Danish)).

Module distinction of the semester

Every semester AAU Business School elects a ‘Module Distinction of the Semester’ on the basis of the student evaluations.

Spring 2021: Empirical Finance taught by Douglas Turatti

From 2019-2020, AAU Business School elected a ‘Teacher of the Semester’ every semester on the basis of the student evaluations.

Evaluation procedure at AAUBS


Louise Bay Langberg Jensen
Email: kvalitet@business.aau.dk