Profile and Strategy

Aalborg University Business School is a regionally anchored and internationally oriented business school conducting research and teaching activities within the broad disciplinary fields of business administration and economics.

We contribute to solving grand problems and creating value-added and innovative solutions for business and society, both nationally and internationally. We achieve this by applying a problem-based and practice-oriented approach to research and research-based education bringing together researchers, students and businesses.

With our agile, flexible, creative and entrepreneurial approach, we are capable of responding to changing societal needs in our strive for Making Minds Work for Tomorrow. 

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Our core story

The need

We – people, businesses, authorities and societies – are standing on the threshold of unprecedented change. Answers to ensuring sustainable growth in the future will not be found in the past. They will be found by thinking new thoughts – and thinking green. Green innovation is about new technology, new mindsets, new ways of doing things – and not least new types of collaborations. The key word is innovation – not only in educational institutions, but also in companies. That’s why we at AAU Business School have a sharp focus on turning technology of the future into business.

Who we are

We bridge the gap between business and science. That goes for our education and for our research. Because we know that precisely this combination is crucial to how we succeed in shaping the future in new ways. We need to do things in new ways, which makes sense – on every bottom line.

Our students

As part of Aalborg University, we educate students with a can-do attitude, and who are trained to deal with and solve actual problems. Students who dare raise their eyes, ask questions and challenge the status quo. We believe these traits are preconditions for creating change, and our students are passionate about making a difference. About moving something or someone to new places. Always with a specific starting point.

Our researchers

The same goes for our research. The prerequisite for our work is relevant research of the highest quality. We, therefore, take current trends and issues into account in all the knowledge we produce. Only then can we contribute with business-critical insights that make a difference outside the university walls. It is our commitment to the outside world. And we are proud to live up to it.

Our collaborations

Essentially, we are here to create value for society and the companies and organisations that are its engine. It’s about education and research, but it’s also about creating the right connections between knowledge, companies and competences right where we are – in North Jutland. Our close, regional collaboration is unique not only in Denmark, but also internationally. And this combination is fruitful for identifying and developing solutions and business models that work for the future.

AAU Business School - Making Minds Work For Tomorrow

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