Study Board of Economics

The study board is responsible for the organisation, completion and development of study programmes and teaching in the programmes affiliated to the board and consists of selected representatives of the teachers and students in the programmes.

A chairman is chosen among the study board’s teacher representatives, and a deputy chairman is chosen among the study board’s student representatives. Each of the programmes that fall under the study board is headed by a course coordinator who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the programme, e.g. conducting teachers’ meetings and similar.

Each study board has an employer panel that meets twice a year to discuss relevant focus areas. The purpose of these meetings is to maintain ongoing dialogue, discussing and further developing the interplay between the content of the study programs and the development and demand of the business sector.

Agendas and minutes (in Danish)



Lone Sønderby-Egebak
Tlf.: +45 9940 8004

Head of study board

Mogens Ove Madsen
Phone: +45 9940 8177

AACSB Business Education Alliance Member           AaU Business School · Fibigerstræde 2 · 9220 Aalborg ØST · Denmark· Phone: +45 9940 8220