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Research projects

"The MEAN project"

Frederik Hertel & Michael Fast

The project is about understanding and discussions of problems and solutions in leadership, dilemma and action. The project is grounded in a hermeneutic phenomenological perspective that seeks understanding of: a) Stories from every day of life leadership, b) Leadership and self-management, c) The Other in leadership, d) Organizational change and leadership actions, e) Leadership ideal and philosophy f) Metaphors of leadership. The project involves managers in companies and public organizations in North, mid- and vest Jutland, Denmark.


"Herbert Blumer Symbolic Interactionism: The Lectures"

Michael Fast & Dr. Woodrow W. Clark II. (UCLA, Clark Strategic Partners, Beverly Hills, CA, USA)

A research project on Blumer and symbolic interactionism; thoughts on ontology, epistemology and concepts.


"Enhancing creativity in an intercultural (SinoDanish) perspective"

Christian Byrge & Chao Ying Tang. (School of Management, UCAS, Beijing, China)

A research project on the enhancement of creativity in Danish and Chinese organizations and in cross-cultural organizations.


Creativity Training

Christian Byrge

A research project on the role and nature of creativity training in an individual, team and organizational context.



Søren Hansen

A research project transforming the creative platform into a creative platform for learning.


Ph.D projects

  • Rasmus Lindgaard: Everyday creativity in organizations (2010-)
  • Rune Osmundsen: Creativity training and implementation in organizations (2012-2015)
  • Kim Møller Malmbak: Culture, innovation and renewal in HEF/Energ nord (2012-2016)
  • Mogens Sparre: Organization development and leadership, MAN Diesel & Turbo (2012-2016)
  • Katrine Berke: Project Management, Attractor/Rambøll (supported by Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation), (2013-2018)
  • Bjarke Møller: Sport Management, culture and organizational renewal (in cooperation with UCN Sport Management (2013-2016)


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