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A special PhD session will take place the 27th April 2022. The session's main objective is to offer PhD candidates a platform for presenting their work to peers and senior researchers. Each presenter will get 20 minutes to present his/her work, which will be followed by detailed and valuable feedback provided by another fellow PhD student and a senior researcher, and questions from the audience. In other words, the PhD students are given an opportunity to both practice the presentation of their work as well to provide constructive feedback to peers.

PhD presenters who wish to participate in the main conference must submit a complete paper by the paper submission deadline on the 01 February 2022. PhD presentations for the PhD Seminar may be supported with a full paper or an extended abstract.

The PhD seminar venue is again expected to be located at the Create AAU building, alongside the Limfjord promenade and a stone throw from Musikkenshus, The Aalborg Opera House.

Welcome Cocktails and guided walk

The details regarding the welcome drinks and the guided tour will be made available soon.

Conference Location

The Fifth Nordic Post-Keynesian conference will be held in the city centre of Aalborg in a former branch of the Danish National Bank.


All those interested in joining for dinner, will be invited to meet again at the Folkekirkens Hus location on the evening of Saturday 30th April 2022. Dinner is included in the conference fee.



Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel to and from Aalborg and to the conference location. Direct flights to Aalborg are available from several European destinations, including London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Momondo provides a useful comparison and booking tool.

Buses and taxis

It is possible to utilise both taxi and bus services once in Aalborg. The airport (Aalborg Lufthavn) is situated only 6 km outside of the centre of the city (in Nørresundby), and busses run frequently. The cost of a bus ticket must be paid in Danish Kroner and would be in the region of DKK 25 (€3 - €4) for one person to travel into the city, and busses run roughly every 15 – 30 min, depending on how late you will be arriving.

Bus tickets are usually valid for around an hour after purchase, which means that provided you are within the same zones you could travel multiple times. There is an ATM machine in the airport from which Danish Kroner can be withdrawn. Bus travel options can be checked at the link below. You can also use the local bus system operator app on a smartphone to purchase tickets, called NT Mobilbilletter (available in Danish only), or the travel plan app described below (which has an English option).

Taxi fare would be in the region of DKK 200 to DKK 300 (€25 - €40) for a similar journey. The taxi companies that we are aware of are advertised on the Aalborg Airport website.

check travel times

At the airport, Aalborg Lufthavn, there is free WiFi in the terminal building, in case you need to check travel times. 

All public transport times can be checked and monitored through the transport service called Rejseplanen:

The PhD Seminar will begin in the morning of the 28th April 2022. Times will be confirmed closer to the date, but we recommend PhD participants to arrive the evening before.


If you want to hit just one or two highlights, we recommend taking in the views of the Aalborg Tower and a stroll through the forest alongside, a walk through the park of music, singing trees, and a visit to the viking graveyard and museum at Lindholm Høje.

For those into wake boarding, the Aalborg Cable Park should be running at the time.

Sunrise should be around 6:00h and sunset around 20:40h (light from around 05:15h to 21:20h)

There is much to see and do, and we recommend that you take an extra day or two to explore the city that we call home.



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