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Conference theme

The conference theme at The Fourth Nordic Post-Keynesian conference is:

Economics at the edge!

Traditional economics failed to predict the financial crisis, and traditional theory cannot provide an adequate analysis of the current economic stagnation in Europe.

To develop policy we need to explore and use theories that are more realistic in their content than the mainstream understanding and that are, as such, located at the edge of traditional theory. Here Post-Keynesian theory can be a prime candidate.

In theoretical work, the general equilibrium approach has built in too many limitations to serve as an adequate foundation. SFC models lie on the edge, but have interesting potential.

Economics students have become increasingly critical of traditional theory which they regard as quixotic. This calls for new theoretical directions and other ways to work with economics than that provided by the mainstream. Pluralism and problem-based learning can make economics interesting and relevant to students.

The conference in Aalborg in 2017 will focus on these three areas - theoretical alternatives and ideas for economic policy, SFC and other new approaches to modelling, and pluralism in economics teaching – with the aim of exploring them all the way to the edge.



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