IBC research aims to enhance our understanding of how small and large, young and old firms can more succesfully create new value internationally for businesses and socieities and to enhance international entrepreneurs', global leaders' and policy makers' knowledge-based decisions.

Our inspirational academic staff has a comprehensive portfolio of geographical expertise in born global, small and medium, and multinational firms operating in emerging regions, including Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, China, and Africa.

Within the context of Problem Based Learning, IBC academic staff engage in research-based teahcing by bringing state-of-the-art research into the classroom and in teachig-based research by challenging the boundaries of the state-of-the-art together with the students.

Through its collaboration with private and public organizations and institutions, IBC academic staff co-creates new, innovative knowledge thus contributing inter alia to national and international business and economic policy agendas.


Key research domains

  • International business management and strategy
  • International marketing management and strategy
  • International entrepreneurship management and strategy


Key research areas

  • Emerging economies and multinational firms
  • Institutional approach to international business
  • Resources and capabilities of international firms
  • Small and medium firms internationalization
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • De-internationalization and firm survival


Doctoral studies

At IBC, we provide a high quality inter-sectorial, inter-technology, inter-disciplinary and international research platform for the training of a new generation of innovative, entrepreneurial and creative doctoral researchers. Go to our doctoral studies to learn more.


Recent publications

IBC full list of research related publications, dissemination, awards and other activities is available in the AAU research portal VBN.


Research group leader

Svetla Marinova
Phone: +45 9940 8227

Research secretary

Michael Simonsen
Phone: 9940 8432

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