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IMPAKT's research focus is on issues related to industrial transformation, with a particular emphasis on knowledge and technological change, including education, R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship. The role of universities as knowledge creators, collaboration partners, producers of graduates, and breeding grounds for potential entrepreneurs constitutes a specific sub-area of research.

The members of IMPAKT apply a variety of research methods, spanning from action research and diverse qualitative methods to quantitative methods applied on register and survey data. Research disciplines include organisation and management studies, innovation studies, and entrepreneurial economics.

The members of IMPAKT are actively engaged in different types of national and international collaborations, ranging from informal research collaborations with international scholars, over part-time employments at universities outside Denmark, to participation in European research projects and established international research networks. Important networks include DRUID (Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics) and DCER (Danish Center for Entrepreneurship Research).

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Associate Professor

Ina Drejer

Phone: +45 9940 2744
E-mail: id@business.aau.dk