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MSc in Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics (MIKE-E and MIKE-B)

MSc in Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics (MIKE-­E) and MSc in Innovation,  Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Dynamics (MIKE­-B) are two international master programmes  started in September 2003 and continuously updated by researches from IKE ever since. The programmes enroll both Danish and international students and the teaching language is English.

The two Master's programmes focus on the importance of knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship in business strategy, innovation management, and technology and innovation policy.

MIKE-E emphasizes economic analyses and strategies in relation to knowledge, innovation and economic dynamics.

MIKE-B has a special focus on knowledge management and innovation in relation to entrepreneurial dynamics.

The MIKE programmes include courses, seminars and project work within the following topics:

  • Theories of the firm
  • Industrial organisation and dynamics
  • Entrepreneurial dynamics in theory and practice
  • Knowledge and learning in firms and economies
  • Innovation systems and capability building
  • Knowledge, globalisation, and internationalisation of the firm
  • Knowledge, growth, trade and economic development
  • Knowledge and innovation policy
  • Quantitative and qualitative data and econometrics
  • Analysis and simulation of complex systems
  • Research methodology

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