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Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration (EBA, HA in Danish) gives you a broad theoretical and practical knowledge of business issues. HA is the study of the interplay between on the one hand firms and their activities, and the policy­, technology­ and economic environment. The EBA study includes courses on economic management of businesses, including financial analysis, business, investment, financing, etc.. This covers all key tasks a company faces, i.e. tasks related to planning, decision­making, cooperation and leadership. The EBA program also includes subjects such as marketing, organizational theory, market research and strategy. The EBA program also give you a program of awareness of key parts of the economy and other social science disciplines related to business economics. With a business economics training, a variety of subjects will provide you with a solid all­round knowledge of business economics, covering both theory and practical knowledge of the business environment.

For more information on the EBA program, both Bachelor and Master, have a look at the business school website.



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