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The IKE seminars are organized by Marija Rakas and Dorte Baymler. The calendar  is  updated  throughout  the  year,  according  to  the  availability  of  speakers, respecting a first­come­first­served principle. The seminars are open for members of the IKE group, visiting scholars, and other interested audiences.

The purpose of the IKE seminar series is:

  • to give PhD students and senior researchers a possibility to present interesting work in progress, e.g. thesis work or a coming paper;
  • to give room for a discussion of common interests and upcoming themes; and
  • to give invited guests a chance to present their work and to obtain feedback.

The IKE seminar format is quite informal; however, there is a chair to facilitate the discussion. Presentation are limited to maximum 30 minutes, followed by 45-60 minutes of questions and comments. Coffee and tea (and often also cake) are served during the seminar.

The IKE seminars usually take place on Fridays at 14:00 in the IKE library, Fibigerstræde 11, room 93. Contact Dorte Baymler, if you are interested in being part of the seminar mailing list.

If  you would  like  to  present  your work  in  the IKE seminar, send  an  email  to Marija that indicates the title of your seminar, a preliminary abstract and the proposed date. As soon as  your  seminar  is  accepted,  it  will  be  added  on  the  Event  Calendar.  Your  paper  or discussion note should be made available at least a week before the seminar, so it can be distributed to participants. In case you have reasons to restrict the availability of the paper on the web server or the presence of students in your seminar, please inform Marija of your concern. You are welcome to make  additional  advertisements  of  your seminar, if you wish.


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