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Theme 1: Knowledge, innovation and regional dynamics

Several researchers in IKE are interested in the regional dimensions of industrial dynamics. Theories within the innovation system literature as well as theories on clusters are used to understand regional dynamics. Research has focused both on specific sectors, such as the ICT sector, and more general issues like the development of industry structure, innovation activities, knowledge sourcing and value chains. Both empirical and theoretical studies have been carried out, although the majority has had an empirical content.

Generally Aalborg University and the Department of Business and Management have a long tradition for close collaboration with both public and private organisations in the North Jutland region. This also applies to much of the research done in IKE. A number of research projects and papers are focused upon problems relevant for the region. Several IKE researchers are also engaged in regional industrial policy discussions.

Research with this perspective is organised both as individual and collaborate projects and Ph.D. projects. Ongoing and future research within this theme includes studies of e.g. the regional impact of universities and the innovation dynamics of clusters and specific industries.


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