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Theme 3: Economics of knowledge, innovation and evolution

The objective of research in this theme is to develop conceptual and methodological studies in relation to the empirically oriented IKE research. The emphasis is on theoretical studies of knowledge, innovation and evolution. Although the ambition is to support interdisciplinary work in the field, emphasis is on economic analysis. The research within the theme includes:

Conceptual work: The conceptual clarification about knowledge, routine and innovation helps the development of concepts like innovation systems.

Modelling and simulation: The IKE group is supporting the development and application of simulation tools for studying the evolution of knowledge-based economic systems.

Measurement and reconstruction of evolution: This task is related to the empirical evidence and indicators applied in the other themes. There is especially a need for developing indicators and hypotheses based explicitly on evolutionary models, including knowledge-based population dynamics (the Fisher-Price decomposition).

History of evolutionary economic thought: The study of knowledge, innovation and evolution has roots in the history of economic thought. The Schumpeterian tradition plays an important role in the study of innovation and economic evolution, but it needs to be complemented by that of Marshall.

The IKE group puts emphasis on the production of teaching materials to MA and PhD students as well as conceptually clarified background materials for policy makers. To the extent that the materials are made in a solid and ambitious way, the production of advanced teaching materials may also function as an integrated part of the research work. This possibility is especially apparent with respect to the economics of knowledge, innovation and evolution, where there is an urgent need for teaching materials. One of the aims of the research in this field is to develop relevant teaching material in collaboration with other scholars.


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