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Theme 2: Competition, organisational change and economic transformation

This theme has its origins in the DISKO project and later associated project (DISKO=The Danish Innovation System in a Comparative Perspective).

These projects, initiated in the 1990s, brought together unique combinations of survey and register data for Denmark that made it possible to analyse important aspects of the economic transformation as a dynamic interplay between processes at the level of the whole economy and processes at the level of the single firm.

One of the most fundamental aspects of the transformation process is the formation and distribution of competences within and among firms. The educational and the labour market institutions form important elements of local competence building systems within which the firms operate.

The establishment of learning organisations and knowledge intensive networks are factors that have a major impact on the outcome of the transformation processes and on the performance of the whole economy. The organisational dimension in terms of management and work organisation interacts with industrial relations in constituting a framework for competence building at the level of the single firm.

Currently, the work within this theme involves research on the relationship between the institutional context and incidences of different forms of learning organisations.


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