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The DRUID Academy


The objective of the Academy is to develop scholars for careers in research at business schools or universities as well as in industry or government. The Academy supports doctoral conceptual and applied research within industrial dynamics and offers courses founded on the research agenda of the faculty. Attention is given to fundamental trends such as the growing importance of knowledge for competitiveness, the information technology revolution and the internationalisation of the economy.

The Academy

The Academy is an integral part of the research environment of the Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics (DRUID). DRUID was established in 1995, based on funding from the Danish Social Science Research Council (SSF) and the Danish Ministry of Industry. DRUID is operated jointly by the Department of Industrial Economics and Strategy, Copenhagen Business School, the Department of Business Studies, Aalborg University.Scholars at the Kolding Campus of Southern Denmark University and at Aarhus Business School also take part in all activities of DRUID.The DRUID Academy is supported by the Danish Research Training Council, under the Danish Research Agency.

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