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The IKE Group is involved in internal and external Ph.D teaching, related to the research fields described elsewhere at this site. At any time there are between three and five Ph.D students actively present in the IKE Group. These are typically linked to research projects funded by external grants and also link to researchers in international research environments, affiliated with the IKE group. PhD students are expected to take active part in numerous research activities, partake in organizing and carrying research and social activities in the group, as well as present their work at internal seminars.

Some recent examples of finished or ongoing PhD projects include: research on energy innovation systems and research on the interplay between firm capabilities and innovation. In light with the overall approach of the IKE group the research methodologies used by IKE PhD students span quantitative as well as qualitative approaches. Since the activities of the IKE group are strongly internationally oriented, there is a tradition for PhD students to present and publish their work in English.

For more information about PhD activities please contact Professor and PhD coordinator Christian Richter Østergaard - E-mail

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