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The group approaches the business economic field from many angles:

  • Organisations perceived as a rather stable entity that periodically are changed to meet the demands of its surroundings or as a dynamic phenomenon continually changing and reorganising itself in collaboration with its surroundings.
  • Strategic practice and praxis that can be explored on a macro level or studied more closely on a nitty-gritty micro level.
  • Managing as a practice that can be characterised as a controlling and planning practice or as a more informal, meshed and everyday relational practice.
  • Relations perceived from a classic theory of network perspective or as a socially constructed phenomenon taking place everyday in organisational actors’ attempt to construct meaning.
  • Innovation as a concept that can be explored through financial-political analysis of regional, national or global conditions surrounding organisations and firms or as a phenomenon that can be understood through longitudinal studies of concrete change- and development processes taking place within a certain organisation or firm.
  • Philosophy of science as a field that ranges from theoretical reflections about ontology and epistemology to the concrete use of different paradigms such as empirical analytic or social constructionism in research projects.

The themes

The themes are currently being pursued in five major and several minor projects.

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Firm Research Strategy

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