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About FIRM

FIRM stands for; firms, innovation, relations and management and symbolises in this way our research interests. FIRM is a research group that works with many different aspects of the business economy and administration research field. The research group has a particular interest in understanding everyday actions taking place in various types of organisations and firms. The group meets regularly to discuss different empirical, theoretical and methodological challenges related to the various research projects, we are immersed with. The members of the group have written anthologies together as well as published in different national and international journals.

The last five publications from FIRM are:

Danish Publications

Relationelle perspektiver på ledelse

I et relationelt perspektiv fokuserer bogens forfattere på, hvordan ledelse udspiller sig i dagligdagen mellem mennesker. Det handler om at forstå og håndtere ledelsesudfordringer, dilemmaer og organisatoriske problemstillinger i praksis - sammen med andre.


Strategisk ledelse som meningsskabende processer (Strategic leadership as the creation of meaning in organizations)

The book reports on a longitudinal case study of four Danish firms during 2009-2011, with an emphasis on how the firms have coped with the economic crisis during that period. The point of departure is a strategy-as-practice perspective on leadership, processes of strategy making, and the way in which the relationship between super ordinates and subordinates becomes endowed with meaning.


Ledelse i Moderne Organisationer (Leadership in modern organizations)

The book envisions leadership as something which evolves from and within the situation in which it is needed – even in cases where a leader is consciously trying to plan his actions. Consequently, the book differentiates itself from the idea that leadership can be excercised on the basis of well-established recipes. Theories and conceptual models are powerful inspirations for learning, and many contingencies can be anticipated by planning and prediction, but the way forward must be discovered as we travel along.


Innovation i danske virksomheder (Innovation in Danish firms)

Innovation is about renewing activities which can be commercialized. Consequently, innovation is in high demand throughout the Danish economy, i.e. in firms, organizations, and public institutions and administration. When the concept of innovation is brought to use in so many different circumstances, the concept itself may become ambiguous. In consequence, the book aims at clarifying the meaning of innovation.

English Publications

Relational Perspectives on Leading

Relational Perspectives on Leading discusses leadership from a relational and social constructionism perspective as practiced on an everyday basis between people. The book pursues a fast growing, practice-based approach - particularly within the Anglo-Saxon parts of the world - to organization studies and organizational phenomena. This approach allows more micro-oriented and incremental aspects of organizational practices to be explored.




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