Exploitation Lab


Exploitation Lab helps research-based inventions, spin-outs and start-ups move from an idea and exploration phase into a commercialization and exploitation phase. This is a crucial step in achieving value creation altogether. Many potential innovations are lost in crossing between these chasms because of a lack of understanding of the mechanisms that bind together product development and business model development, but also a lack of knowledge of how to create and organize for market traction, including having appropriate governance structures in place. 

What we do (for you) 

Exploitation Lab offers research-based assessment of exploitation potentials and market potentials. Furthermore, we assist in designing commercialization and market traction processes for all types of inventions, linking into sustainability strategies, business model design and financing strategies.

The creation of governance structures that can support these processes is crucial to the long-term sustainability of inventions, spin-outs and start-ups. Our Governance on Board process ensures that stakeholder interests are aligned and that governance processes become value-adding and not bureaucratic friction. 

Current foci and projects that you can get involved in

  • Exploitation and dissemination work packages for technically oriented research projects such as the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe framework programs
  • Governance on Board is suited for those entities that are moving towards a preliminary organizational structure with the intent of attracting financial capital. Here, preparation and design of processes and structure is crucial for success. 
  • Creation, structuring and management of corporate and open incubators and incubation processes



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