The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab


The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab supports ventures in need of capital in order to realize their market strategies. All companies, whether entrepreneurial projects, family-owned businesses or multinationals need capital to grow. In The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab we work in the intersection between venture capital and firms in need of financial capital. Our partners include Business Angels, Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds, as well as institutions and organizations that support investment processes.

The backbone of our research is a unique database of investment processes and longitudinal data, making us a valuable partner for those we collaborate with. 

What we do (for you) 

The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab offers research-based insights to both investors and investees. Besides practicing traditional academic dissemination, we also spread our knowledge to the surrounding investment community through practice-oriented articles, presentations and a bi-annual Masterclass for Business Angels looking to understand the mindset of entrepreneurs and companies looking to understand the mindset of Business Angels and Venture Capitalists. 

At The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab we assist in understanding the value creation potentials behind the applied business models, from this deriving business case scenarios and valuations. Part of our work also leans into the communicative aspects of entrepreneurial financing, namely pitching investment cases and writing a compelling narrative about investment potentials. Many of the university spin-outs have been through either consulting or teaching programs offered by our core-faculty. 

Current foci and projects that you can get involved in

  • Valuation methods for start-ups 
  • Understanding the complex role of capital in entrepreneurship 
  • Designing efficient investment discussions and processes
  • Designing M&A and IPO processes
  • Communicating investment processes and deals with stakeholders in the market for information

Who we are


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