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New Adjunct Professor

New Adjunct Professor

Norman Fraser is Adjunct Professor at Department of Business and Management from February 7th 2019 to February 6th 2024. He will be connected to the Theory Building Research Programme.

Norman Fraser’s primary research interests include high impact international entrepreneurship, legitimation and cross-disciplinary theory building. He has been contributing to the research area of the Theory Building Research Programme ever since he started his cooperation with Aalborg University several years ago.

Contribution to the department research profile

Norman will contribute to the research profile of Department of Business and Management in different ways. One of them is publishing. In his collaboration to date with the department he has, for example, published articles in top journals and edited a monograph together with e.g. Romeo V. Turcan. The Palgrave Handbook of Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Entrepreneurship is a great example of cooperation within the department resulting in a high number of BFIs for the department.

Another contribution is within fundraising as he has done recently by participating in a Marie Curie application submitted by Romeo V. Turcan that is under review.

Besides, Norman will contribute to the internationalization strategy, incl. research, knowledge transfer and fundraising, of the department.

About Norman Fraser

Norman Fraser is a graduate of Edinburgh University and University College London (UCL). He has held academic posts at UCL and Surrey University, and he has been a visiting fellow/lecturer at Surrey University and Henley Business School. He is also a departmental advisor to York University.

In his main work these days he is an entrepreneur working in the private sector, where he holds a number of directorships of international companies. He is most closely associated with SoftIron Ltd, where he is Chairman.

Further information

Adjunct Professor Norman Fraser
Email: norman@business.aau.dk