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Juan Martin Carriquiry defended his PhD

Juan Martin Carriquiry defended his PhD

Juan Martin Carriquiry from the Innovation, Knowledge, and Economic Dynamics research group (IKE) at Department of Business and Management defended his thesis "Individual Consequences of Organizational Change - Impact of M&As and External CEO-TOP Management Team Replacement On Employee Turnover, Stress And Entrepreneurship".

The subject of Juan’s lecture at the defence, which took place February 6, was: How do Organizational Changes affect Employees” with special focus on “How do M&As affect Employee Turnover

Members of the assessment committee were:

  • Associate professor Kristian Nielsen, Aalborg University (chair)
  • Professor Toke Reichstein, Copenhagen Business School
  • Professor Elena Cefis, University of Bergamo

Summary of the thesis

Organizations increasingly engage in M&As and executive board shakeups –but how do these impact employees’ behavior? Do employees suffer from anxiety and depression when top managers are ousted and replaced by outsiders? Do the “best and brightest” leave in droves following M&As? Or do employees transition to entrepreneurship instead?

Employees’ mental wellbeing is clearly a relevant topic in itself, and it is also crucial for organizations given the potential negative impact of impoverished mental health on employee productivity. Employee turnover, on the other hand, undermines performance by eroding the social and human capital base of the organization and affecting organizational performance, survival and competitive advantage. Similar to turnover, entrepreneurial entry has been associated with significant performance damage for the source organization. This thesis brings us a step closer to understanding the impact of these predominant business practices on the organizations’ micro-foundations –their employees.

Left to right: Michael Dahl (Aarhus University), Elena Cedis (Bergamo University), Kristian Nielsen (AAU) and Toke Reichstein (CBS)

Further information

Juan Martin Carriquiry
Department of Business and Management, Aalborg University
Phone: +45 9940 2753
Email: jmc@business.aau.dk

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