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Gerwin Evers defended his PhD

Gerwin Evers defended his PhD

Gerrit Willem “Gerwin” Evers from the IKE research group at Aalborg University Business School defended his thesis “The role of university-industry interaction for regional industrial development”. Congratulations to Gerwin.

The title of Gewin’s lecture, which took place online via Microsoft Teams August 20 due to the Covid-19 situation, was “Quantitative methods for studying university-industry interaction. Pros, cons and alternatives”.

Members of the assessment committee were:

  • Associate Professor Jacob R. Holm, AAU Business School (chair)
  • Professor Alessandra Faggian, Gran Sasso Science Institute
  • Associate Professor Anders Broström, KTH Stockholm


The relevance of the centuries-old institution of the university has been renewed with the rise of the knowledge-based economy. Through interaction with their environment via a variety of channels universities can have an impact on their region by providing both public and private actors access to knowledge and requisite human capital. This thesis provides insight in how this impact can be realised through the university-industry knowledge transfer channels of graduate human capital and research collaborations by answering the following question:

What is the role of university–industry research collaborations and graduate production for the impact of universities on regional industrial development?

The insights are based on analyses of Danish micro-level data, Community Innovation Survey data, interview data, and other data using a variety of empirical techniques. The results highlight the importance of universities alignment with regional industries for fostering its ability to contribute to the regional industrial development. Furthermore, it argues for taking a comprehensive approach to the university-industry knowledge transfer channels, as the utilization of potential synergies between human capital production and research collaborations can increase their impact on regional industrial development.

From left to right: Gerwin Evers, Ina Drejer and supervisor Christian Østergaard.


Gerwin Evers
Aalborg University Business School
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