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Romeo V. Turcan and Andreea Bujac

ERASMUS+ PBL projects explored the UN sustainability goals

AAU researchers Andreea Bujac and Romeo V. Turcan recently coached and examined Moldovan students working with the UN sustainability goals within the ERASMUS+ project PBLMD.

The aim of PBLMD ("Introducing Problem Based Learning in Moldova: Toward Enhancing Students’ Competitiveness and Employability") is to improve quality of teaching and learning methodologies and higher education programmes in Moldova while enhancing their relevance for the labour market and disadvantaged groups in the society.

The inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional PBL projects involved five teams 3rd semester students from Software Engineering, Business and Administration and Entrepreneurship, Law, Public Administration and Public Health Bachelor Study Programmes from six Moldovan universities.

Exploring the UN sustainability goals

Each of the five teams worked with a set of goals within the UN sustainability goals. These are the problems that the students identified and researched: 1) Explore the impact of recycling on socio-economic inclusion, 2) Study the impact of biomass on farmers, 3) Understand how sustainable development in rural areas affect the quality of drinking water, 4) Investigate the impact of social inclusion of 60+ on the development of public institutions, 5) Explore the participation of Public-Private-Partnerships in environmental projects in the context of sustainable development.

Andreea Bujac and Romeo V. Turcan coached and examined the teams together with faculty from Moldova. In the last day of the projects, the students were also assessed by a panel of Moldovan CEO and policy makers.

Read more about PBLMD on the PBLMD homepage


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