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DKK 11.95m Awarded to Study the Impact of Climate Change on Global Apparel Value Chain in Bangladesh

A multi-disciplinary team of researchers from Aalborg University (AAU), Copenhagen Business School (CBS), and Roskilde University (RUC), has received a grant of DKK 11,955.766 to study the climate change and the global apparel and textile value chains in Bangladesh.

Photo: M. Mamun Hossain.

Bangladesh being the second largest apparel exporter in the world, this industry has accounted for approximately 83% of the total exports in Bangladesh (in 2020) making it the biggest sector for employment and value creation. Of its total export, Europe holds the biggest share. However, considering the climate change and sustainability this industry is the second-most polluting sector after oil, accounting for 10 per cent of global carbon emissions, 20 per cent of total industrial water pollution, and 4 per cent of the world's waste each year.


Given the pollution the apparel industry makes, the study aims to investigate how the garment and textile value chains connecting Europe and Bangladesh are being reconfigured in response to climate change, and what the consequences are for economic, social, and environmental upgrading in the garment and textile industries of Bangladesh. The project aims to examine European retailers (buyers), suppliers from Bangladesh, other stakeholders, and policy makers influencing the value chain reconfiguration and green transformation.


De-carbonization and green industrialization are one of the top agenda for Bangladesh government. In this spectrum, and due to pressures from EU buyers and the UN, Bangladeshi apparel suppliers are in need to reconfigure their capabilities, operations and global value chain so that they can not only be competitive in global market but also contribute to social and environmental sustainability.

Commenting on the award announcement, lead researcher from Aalborg University Business School Associate Professor Mohammad Bakhtiar Rana states:

- I think this grant will help study the issues and challenges in Bangladeshi garment value chain to reduce the impact of climate change, which is important for Bangladesh as a climate-vulnerable country. The impact of the project will be enormous and timely in connection with climate change and green industrialization. I am sure the findings from our study will help improve the policy and knowledge-capacity.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, particularly Danida Fellowship Center, has awarded this grant in response to green transition of apparel and textile industry in Bangladesh.

Associate Professor Mohammad B. Rana from AAUBS, Professor Peter Lund-Thomsen (Lead) from CBS, and Associate Professor Lone Riisgaard from RUC are the principal investigators in this four-year research and capacity-building project in Bangladesh.

The project also involves Danish Ethical Trade Initiative and Dansk Fashion and Textile as well as BRAC University (Coordinating partner from Bangladesh) and Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka.

The project is expected to commence from July 01, 2021, but due to pandemic situation, it may delay slightly.


Associate Professor Mohammad Bakhtiar Rana, Aalborg University Business School, phone: +45 9940 8231, email:  

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