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Students analysing business models at the workshop

Business students participated in workshop with IT company

March 7-8, 140 business students participated in a workshop with the Aalborg-based IT company Trackunit as a real live case.

Bringing business practice into the classroom

By working closely with local companies such as Trackunit that creates and develops products and services within the telematics industry, Aalborg University has created a way of teaching that brings business practice into the classroom and makes companies and students come closer to each other.

The 6th semester business students started with a full day lecture followed up by the 2-day-workshop arranged by Business Design Center at the Department of Business and Management at AAU. Some of the key topics the students worked with were: 

  • What does it require to innovate a business model?
  • Drawing on the case study of Trackunit, how can I help companies that are working in a non-digital industry become digital?
  • What are the key benefits in the construction industry of a digital, subscription based and scalable business model?

Business Developer Mikkel Ruge from Trackunit talking to students at the workshopBusiness Developer Mikkel Ruge from Trackunit talking to students at the workshop

Cooperation with benefits for everybody

Companies need to challenge their traditional way of thinking and ask themselves how they create value for customers, generate revenue and develop their business models. Trackunit is not only challenging their own way of thinking, but also aiming to transform their customers’ business.

“During the workshop, ambitious students developed and presented more than 20 thought-provoking business model canvases. We will look at some of the most promising ideas to possibly see what we can do with them. The collaboration shows us that a strong relationship with AaU has mutual benefits. We broaden our knowledgebase if we work together.”

- Mikkel Ruge, Business Developer at Trackunit

Employing a software based business model, creates unique possibilities to further develop business models. As such it provides an excellent case study, in line with some of the most successful and widely known international businesses like Google, Amazon and Tesla.

The cooperation between the AAU students and Trackunit has several benefits:

  • The students get hands-on experience with business tools used all over the world by the most successful entrepreneurs
  • The university establishes a closer relationship with a local company
  • Trackunit helps increasing the talent pool in Aalborg and gets in contact with ambitious students.

Watch a video from the workshop

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