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British researcher explored problem-based learning

British researcher explored problem-based learning

From 12th-16th February, Dr Mark Crowder from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, visited the Department of Business and Management to learn more about problem-based learning.

Sought international teaching experience

Dr Crowder’s visit was arranged through the Erasmus+ programme, which gives academics and students the opportunity to increase their international experience. One of his research interests is higher education, and the first purpose of the visit was to gain international teaching experience.

During his visit to Aalborg, he taught topics as diverse as the principles of Grounded Theory and the psychology of decision-making. To ensure that his sessions were relevant to the students, he did a lot of research and developed Danish-specific illustrative examples. Students were actively involved throughout his sessions and asked him challenging questions. He enjoyed the experience enormously and learned a great deal.

Interested in problem-based learning

The second objective of Dr Crowder’s visit was to gain knowledge of the Danish education system: in particular, to learn about the external examiner system and to explore problem-based learning.

He found it fascinating to learn about the Danish censor system and its many differences to the UK’s external examiner system, and he intends to use this information in a book chapter that he’s currently writing. 

He found the Aalborg problem-based model to be very different to teaching methods that he has experienced. Its focus on small group learning based on real-world situations is completely different to how business and management is taught in the UK. He is currently investigating how to change some of his own teaching methods, and those of his colleagues, to accommodate a greater aspect of problem-based learning.

Further information

Dr Mark Crowder, Senior Lecturer
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Email: m.crowder@mmu.ac.uk

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