AAUBS PhD supervisors attended an Authentic Leadership course

AAUBS PhD supervisors attended an Authentic Leadership course

The PhD staff course gave the participants valuable takeaways to prepare PhD students for a future inside and outside academia.

At the course, which took place May 3-5 at Linnæus University in Sweden, authenticity skills such as compassion, engagement, self awareness and self-regulated positive behaviours were discussed as valuable tools needed when interacting with PhD students.

AAUBS attendees were Daojuan Wang, Waheed Akbar Bhatti and Daniel Hain together with colleagues from Linnæus University (Sweden), LUT (Finland), University of Tartu (Estonia) and University of Siegen (Germany).

Leadership during the Covid pandemic

The PhD supervisor course culminated with a public panel discussion on Un(authetintic) leadership of digital transformations, where practitioners, academics and pracademics were invited to discuss the recent pandemic situation and the impact that digital transformations had on different organisations. Since this process of change demanded some sort of leadership, the question of whether authentic leadership played a role in it, was discussed.

One of the most valuable takeaways from the course on how to prepare PhD students for a future inside and outside academia is comprised in this quote:

“While employers want candidates with higher levels of EQ [emotional quotientence], resilience, empathy, and integrity,those are rarely attributes that universities nurture or select for in admissions.” (Chamorro, Premuzic and Frankiewicz, 2019)

Part of ERASMUS+

The PhD staff course was organised as part of an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education project, titled: “International Entrepreneurship Network for PhD and PhD Supervisors”. Aalborg University Business School is main applicant in the project, and the team at AAUBS consists of Romeo Turcan, Andreea Bujac, Berit K. Jakobsen, Yariv Trana and Kenneth M. Jørgensen.

Further information

More information about the course can be found here: https://www.tbrp.aau.dk/interdisciplinary-doctoral-training/phd-supervisor-training-in-authentic-leadership/course-description/

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