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448.000 SEK for workshops

448.000 SEK for workshops

Professor at Aalborg University Svetla T. Marinova receives funding for workshops about value creation and value capture in ecosystems through business model configurations.

The research support is given to the AAU researcher by NOS-HS (Nordisk Samarbejdsnævn for Humanistisk og Samfundsvidenskabelig Forskning). The theme of the three workshops is “Enhancing Value Creation and Value Capture through Business Model Configuration: An Ecosystem Perspective (ENHANCE)”.  

Professor Svetla T. Marinova A joint Nordic research platform

The aim of workshops is to develop a joint Nordic research platform unifying the research strengths in business models, internationalisation and entrepreneurship with an ecosystem view.

A joint Nordic research platform offers the opportunity to take enhancing business model configuration and internationalisation research beyond economic value and integrate a more holistic sociological, psychological and ecological perspective.

Participation of 4 Nordic universities

Participants in the workshops will be researchers from Aalborg University, Denmark (business models and internationalisation), Halmstad University, Sweden (entrepreneurship and internationalisation), Oulu University (business models, ecosystems and internationalisation) and Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland (international entrepreneurship and ecosystems). Business and development agencies, local authorities and policy-making institutions will also be involved.

The foundation of an ever expanding research network

The outcome of the ENHANCE workshops targets academic and business communities and the society at large with respective dissemination activities and outputs. The project will lay the foundation of a future ever expanding research network. This network will investigate how enhancing business models configurations can increase value creation and enable value capture for ecosystems not only in the Nordic context, but far beyond.

Further information

Professor Svetla T. Marinova
Department of Business and Management, Aalborg University
Phone: +45 9940 8227
Email: svetla@business.aau.dk

Read news story about the workshops on the homepage of the Faculty of Social Sciences (in Danish).

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