International Business Mentor Programme

Aalborg University Business School is running a mentoring programme involving business professionals from all over Denmark as mentors for the newly enrolled master students. The study programmes participating in the Business Mentor Programme are: Marketing, International Business, Management Accounting, Finance, and Organisation and Strategy.

At Aalborg University Business School, we believe in a combination of academic skills and practical experience, so the students do not only have the theoretical knowledge, but also possess professional soft skills such as social intelligence, creativity, curiosity, agility, ability to innovate and, most importantly, to network.

With the mentoring programme, we are aiming to build personal relationships between our students and individuals from various companies and organisations in Denmark. Mentoring creates synergy, it is about supporting growth and development through meaningful conversations. It is a learning partnership between two people with different levels of experience, where both can achieve new learning, new insights, and professional growth to benefits. By building mentoring relationships, we hope to contribute to creating synergy between the university and business.


All first-year master students at Aalborg University Business School, both Danish and international, are eligible to apply for the programme.

  • Max. programme capacity: 25 students and 25 mentors
  • Program period: October to May 
  • Application deadline: September 26
  • Number of meetings: 5-6 individual meetings, introductory workshop (Oct), a networking event (Feb)
  • Working language: English or Danish
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    Programme flow

    The programme starts in mid-October with a kick-off meeting for mentees, where they are provided with information about mentoring and the necessary tools to start their mentoring journey. Mentors receive programme materials and tools when joining the programme at their own time.

    The core of the programme is a number of one-to-one meetings between mentors and mentees – usually about 5-6. It is the mentee’s responsibility to schedule meetings with a mentor and prepare the main points of the agenda. We recommend to meet at least once a month, but it´s completely up to you and your mentee to decide what works best for the two of you.

    Both, mentors and mentees, are invited to a mid-way Networking meeting in February to meet in person and discuss their experiences with mentoring. The programme ends in mid-May.


    Along the way, we organise 2-3 smaller meetings for students, to secure better communication across the group of mentees. The examples of meetings conducted before are: a lecture with an invited speaker on HR topic, a company visit, a pitch-event, coffee and cake hygge networking. We are always open to new ideas and aim to make the experience for our participants as involving as possible.

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    Information for students

    Would you like to get to real business while still studying? Would you like to learn about your strengths and weaknesses and get career coaching from experts in the field? What about networking to your future job? If these questions spark your interest, our Business Mentor Programme is probably for you.

    Business Mentor Programme at AAUBS is for ambitious students who would like to get a head start in their career, get individual career advice from experts and find their unique future path.

    MENTORING BENEFITS FOR MENTEES include, but are not limited by:

    • Career development
    • Career goals clarification
    • Career advice from professionals
    • Insight into the current job market
    • Inspiration for internship search
    • New business relations and networking
    • Recruitment opportunities
    • Building professional confidence

    How to apply

    Participation in the programme is application-based. You need to fill out a questionnaire with basic information about yourself and write a motivation letter about why you would like to participate in the programme. Attaching your CV is optional, but recommended :)

    Hope to hear from you! 

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask - contact programme coordinator Valeria Gulieva at or by phone 9940 2756.

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    Information for mentors

    Business Mentor board is for business professionals who are interested in leadership, spotting talents and would like to contribute to the future of their professional filed.

    Become our mentor and get an opportunity to improve employer branding for your company, train your leadership skills and style, get access to recruiting young talents.

    Aalborg University Business School is looking for professionals from companies and public organisations to voluntarily mentor master's students (one-to-one mentoring). Both, Danish and international students are participating. The fields of study are: Economics, Accounting, International Business, Marketing and Finance. 

    The programme is flexibly structured around personal or online meetings between you and your student-mentee. Duration of the meetings is typically about 1-1,5 hour, recommended frequency is once a month, but it´s completely up to you and your mentee to decide what works best for the two of you.


    • Leadership and communication skills development
    • Practice of various leadership styles
    • Knowledge about other people’s motivation for work, career and personal growth
    • Recruitment opportunities – spotting talents
    • Employer branding of your company/organisation
    • New business opportunities, networking
    • Insights into the latest research

    How to join the programme?

    If you would like to become a mentor, or would like to learn more, drop a line to Valeria Gulieva at or call 9940 2756. 


Programme coordinator

Valeria Gulieva
Phone: +45 9940 2756

AACSB Business Education Alliance Member           AaU Business School · Fibigerstræde 2 · 9220 Aalborg ØST · Denmark· Phone: +45 9940 8220