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The bachelor's programme in Economics and Business Administration constitutes a broad, interdisciplinary and problem-oriented study programme. The objective is to enable the student to identify and formulate problems related to business economics and subsequently to devise solutions which may support the management of the work of private and public organizations in relation to their internal and external surroundings.


Students are expected to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of the following areas:

  • Markets – how the markets for resources, goods and services function and develop.
  • Customers – customer expectations, patterns of demand and customer service.
  • Finances – sources of financing, use and management of financial resources, use of accounting and management information systems.
  • Humans – management and development of humans in organizations, management theories and practices and the development of a cross-/multidisciplinary understanding as well as a general understanding of diversity.
  • Operations – management of resources and operations.
  • Information systems – development, management and use of information systems and their impact on the organization.
  • Communication and information technology – understanding and use of relevant and up-to-date communication and information technologies for business and management purposes.
  • Business policy and strategies – development of suitable policies and strategies in a changeable world to meet internal and external interests concerning, among other things, sustainability, internationalization and globalization, ethics and corporate social responsibility, responsible management, business innovation, creativity, business development, knowledge management and risk management.
  • Project management.
  • Interpersonal skills in the form of active listening, negotiation, motivation, coordination and presentation.
  • Problem-oriented project work.
  • Use of business economics methods and tools.
  • Assessment of theoretical and practical problems within the area of business economics as well as substantiation and choice of relevant solutions.
  • Competent oral and written communication with the use of relevant media, including preparation and presentation of reports or the like.


Title: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics and Business Administration
Duration: full time 3 years
Location: Aalborg East Campus
Starting date: 1st of September
ECTS: 180 ECTS (6 semesters of 30 ECTS each)


Our strong links with industry mean that rigorous undergraduate academic study is combined with a real practical focus. The projects that you will undertake as part of your studies are based on Problem Based Learning, also known as ‘The Aalborg Model'. It requires from students to identify real-life problems faced by firms and implement a multidisciplinary approach in solving them. The integrated company project in the fifth semester of the course reflects the commitment of the programme to cohesive business-university interaction.

Academic content

The bachelor in Economics and Business Administration (EBA) takes 3 years. Each year is composed of 2 semesters, 6 semesters in total. It is an important premise that group formation is an element in all semesters, ensuring that, regardless of module size, the students will work in a project group throughout the module period. All semesters are concluded by project work.

The BSc in Economics and Business Administration includes the following scientific centers of gravity in individual semesters.

1st Semester

Title ECTS

Problem statement project. Theme: Definition of a company

Microeconomics 10

Company project. Theme: Economics, Innovation and Sustainability


Extra course only for student following the Credit Tracks - in Autumn semester.
Module 5a: Theory of science and method, 5 ECTS


2nd Semester

Curriculum from 1st September 2017

Title ECTS
Macroeconomics 5
Project work. Theme: The company seen in an international context 20
Business Law 5

3rd semester

Curriculum from 1st September 2017

  • View semester description

Title ECTS
Financial Accounting 5
Management Accounting 10
Organisational Theory and Qualitative Method 15

Curriculum from 1st September 2013

Title ECTS
Business Law  5
Management Accounting 10
Organisation theory and Scientific methods 15

4th Semester


  • View semester description
Title ECTS
Quantitativ Methods 10
Strategy and Marketing, incl project


Curriculum from 1st September 2013

Title ECTS
Data analysis and statistics 10
Marketing and market analysis 10
Strategy and strategy project 10

5th semester

Curriculum from 1st September 2017

Title ECTS
Corporate Finances 10
The company as a whole 20


Curriculum from 1st September 2013

Title ECTS
Corporate Finances 5
Firm Analysis and Integrated Company Study 25

6th Semester

Title ECTS

Electives - choose 2 courses:

Bachelor Thesis 20


Here are some of the many options for graduates:

1) BSc in EBA can pursue with the master's programmes offered by the Department of Business and Management. A graduate will have a direct access to these English speaking programs:

  • International Business Economics
  • International Marketing

And a number of Danish speaking programmes (Danish A is required additionally to your EBA diploma):

  • Organisation og Strategi
  • IT ledelse
  • Revision
  • Økonomistyring

2) Graduates can enroll to other Departments of AAU and enter such programmes as:

  • Development and International Relations
  • European Studies
  • Operations and Innovation Management (Specialization: Global Management)
  • Risk and Safety Management
  • etc

For more details, please check the web page for all the master's programmes at Aalborg University.

3) Graduates can access master's programmes at other universities in Denmark such as, for example, Copenhagen University, Aarhus University, Business Schools etc. 

4) Graduates have an internationally recognizable degree which gives them an access to master's programmes in universities of their choice abroad. 


In the course of the 3th and 4th semester, you will have the opportunity of studying at a foreign university.



Most of our students continue on a master's programme. Other students find employment in areas as diverse as:

  • retail management
  • financial services
  • accountancy
  • management consultancy
  • some become self-employed

The latest graduate destination information shows that six months after graduation the vast majority of our graduates are employed, whilst others are undertaking further training. Some of our students have also gone on to set up their own businesses after graduation.

With a BSc in Economics and Business Administration you will be able to describe, formulate and communicate business problems and results in a scientific context, conduct economics and business administration-related analyses using scientific methods.

The bachelor's degree will enable you to employ methods in the subject area of economics and business administration and to develop capabilities in its central disciplines, theories and concepts. After the successful completion of the programme, you would have acquired practical qualifications in analyzing concrete operational and strategic problems in a professional business context, enabling you to exercise and substantiate professional decisions.



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