Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainability is offered as a 30 ECTS course. Students team up to either 1) work on their own sustainable venture or 2) is matched with an established company to develop a new sustainable business model for the host company. The host companies will be provided by the faculty.


The Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainability course is a combined class and real-life startup. The class activities are based on a mixture of lectures, workshops, independent group work (outside the classroom) and group presentations as well as creative and team-based processes, which are facilitated by the staff. Lectures and workshops are mixed classes with the New Venture Creation and Corporate Entrepreneurship courses.

All class activities are at Aalborg Campus.

Throughout the semester, a facilitator will guide the process of creating and developing a new sustainable business model by means of weekly set assignments and exercises. Each team will also be provided with a mentor. Whereas the facilitator focuses solely on optimizing the opportunity, the rest of the faculty will provide the theoretical framework for growing a sustainable venture.


Attendance is mandatory. At the Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainability course, students are expected to participate in all activities including lectures, exercises, discussions as well as independent work outside the classroom validating the impactful solution. Students must participate in minimum 80% of classes. This is because participation is central for most of the learning that takes place during the semester.


The exam is an oral group examination, based on a written project. The marks are given in relation to the written project and the presentation of this, focusing on the quality of the analyses, validation and business insights. Students will not be evaluated on the commercial opportunity of the sustainable business idea; instead the focus is on the process of establishing a new sustainable business model – either as a startup or in collaboration with an existing company.

enrollment process

As soon as we get your application, we will contact you for further instructions about the application process as this is dependent on your specific situation. The Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainability course is open for all Master’s students regardless of your academic background. All you need is the desire and eagerness to learn how to tackle real-world sustainability problems applying an entrepreneurial mindset.

We recommend you to apply as soon as possible due to formalities connected to the enrolment process. As soon as we get your application, we will contact you for further instructions about the application process as this is dependent on which study program you currently is enrolled at.


To be accepted in The Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainability course, you should meet the following entrance qualifications:

  • You must have successfully completed a bachelor degree in any field. It can be in any of the traditional social or natural sciences or any other bachelor at any program in the world. The The Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainability course is called a 9th semester opportunity as it runs each fall, however you can join at any semester on any postgraduate program. We accept students from candidates, masters or similar programs
  • You must be proficient in English orally and in writing, as the major part of the lectures and workshops are based on dialogue in class and due to the fact that written assignments will be in English as well. Therefore you are expected to be able to communicate smoothly in English.

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