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Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainability is a cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship course open to 9th semester students. The elective equips enrolled students with an entrepreneurial skillset, opportunistic networking and fosters impactful innovation and sustainable business development. This course is aimed at all would-be change agents, environmental innovators, sustainability consultants, and students interested in generating social and environmental gains for the society.

The course is designed as a combination of lectures and team-based activities, where you will be working full time to solve real-life sustainability problem - either from an existing company or in your own sustainable startup. When developing new impactful business activities for an established company, you will be going through an entrepreneurial process. To facilitate the business development part of the course, we employ a theoretical framework and business development guidance to support and raise the prospects of success. Hence, the fundamental components of starting your own company or venturing a business within an existing company will be taught, but more importantly, you will gain a hands-on experience in entrepreneurship aimed at having a positive impact.

The Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainability course is offered as a 30 ECTS course, so you can spend your full time and effort on solving problems that matter through the design of a sustainable business model.


  • Action-based and team-oriented semester program where you will be working full time to solve real-life sustaiability problems following a structure process
  • Receive support, guidance and professional sparring in the development and growth of a new business model for your own sustainable startup or in collaboration with an existing company
  • Join an entrepreneurial hub and experience a stimulating environment offering real-life experience, networking and the framework to develop an impactful and sustainable business model
  • Get the newest knowledge on sustainability in business so that you can become an agent of change in your future career


For learning objectives please see the New Venture Creation course.


The Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainability course is based on the lean definition of a start-up: “a temporary organisation in search for a scalable, repeatable, profitable business model”, covering the following topics:

  • Start-up Team Building to ensure how conflicts are handled and how to work professional in teams as well as how to recruit new team members
  • Creativity training to improve original thinking in different entrepreneurial situations
  • Sustainable Business Model Design and using the Business Model Canvas to summarize hypotheses about how the new opportunity will create and deliver value to customers as well as capture a portion of that value and using the 45 patterns for Sustainable Business Model Design
  • Customer Development which includes all customer-related activities to test hypotheses and collect actual evidence from the market
  • Agile Development to eliminate wasted time and resources by developing the minimum viable product iteratively and incrementally based on learnings from the potential customers, end-users, purchasers, resellers and partners
  • Entrepreneurial Finance in all of the business model building blocks
  • Marketing to disseminate and get customers
  • Environmental and sustainability differentiation strategy, to understand the fundamentals of turning sustainability challenges into opportunities for profits and shared value creation.

The course starts with three weeks of focused boot-camp. Here, the basic theoretical knowledge on impact entrepreneurship & sustainability is introduced and students are equipped with a toolbox for the following weeks. If collaborating with an existing company, student teams are matched with these in week three. Case companies are provided by the faculty.

Subsequently, a 10-week theme-based and structured process to impact entrepreneurship follows. Here students explore the key principles of new sustainable business venturing, which form the basis of the practical exercises and work with the business idea. Lectures are every Tuesday and the rest of the week each team work independently outside the classroom, validating the business idea to create the new sustainable venture.

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