Impact Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (IE&S)

Impact Entrepreneurship and Sustainability - a specialised track within
the New Venture Creation course


Impact Entrepreneruship and Sustainability is a track within the New Venture Creation course. As such it shares the same learning objectives and exam format, adding enphasis to creating social and environmental value in addition to economic one.

  • Action-based and team-oriented semester program where you will be working full time to solve real-life sustaiability problems following a structure process
  • Receive support, guidance and professional sparring in the development and growth of a new business model for your own sustainable startup or in collaboration with an existing company
  • Join an entrepreneurial hub and experience a stimulating environment offering real-life experience, networking and the framework to develop an impactful and sustainable business model
  • Get the newest knowledge on sustainability in business so that you can become an agent of change in your future career
  • A new special track of the New Venture Creation and Corporate Entrepreneurship course

AT ie&s YOU WILL:‚Äč

  • Get 30 ECTS for making societal impact
  • Learn entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship (learning by doing)
  • Become an impact entrepreneur, yet sill graduate as a specialist in your own domian

Course content

Course Content. Impact Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Sustainability cases

Sustainability Cases. Impact Entrepreneurship and Sustainability


Formalities. Impact Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Our staff

Staff. Impact Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

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